Mattes Show Jump Correction Half pad - Plain

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CORRECTION Multi-pocket half pad no fleece.

Adds the correction pockets to any saddle cloth.

Stocked colours - Black & Brown. Other colours avaliable to order.

To compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid development during training.

For fully trained horses which change a lot during season.

To correct irregularities in the horses built.

Using a pad to compensate for a sway back caused by age. It balances the saddle beautifully.

Slight compensation on a horse with unequal sides.

Fitting of an initially too wide saddle on a young horse with the possibility to reduce the shims in a flexible way according to training conditions.

Due to the simplicity of the system it is now possible to compensate for the changes in the fit of the saddle caused by changes in form and condition of the horse during season.


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