Kentucky Horsewear

Providing high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition.
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Who Is Kentucky Horsewear?

Kentucky have been creating high quality equestrian products and establishing a high quality brand since 2011. It's relatively young in the equestrian market, but has quickly established itself as a leader for high quality, innovative products at affordable prices.

They are based in Belgium, and recently in 2019, they moved offices to keep up with demand and growth. Kentucky products are worn throughout the world by leading riders and horses in many different disciplines, including showjumping, dressage, eventing and carriage driving. There is also now a line of Kentucky Dogwear, which was introduced in 2017.

Eco Friendly Mission

One of the core focuses for the business and brand is to not only produce high quality products, but also ensure their practices and products are environmentally and animal friendly. In line with this mission, their new factory uses 100% green energy, and the building is CO2 neutral.

Kentucky Horsewear Ambassadors

Some of the works leading equestrian combinations are ambassadors for the brand. They include Bettina Hoy, Chris Burton, Dirk Demeersan, Ingrid Klimke, Jonelle Price, Jos Verloy, Olivier Phillappaerts and Francis Whittington.

Products They Make

Their range of Horsewear includes rugs, halters, leads, saddle pads, half pads, girths, fly veils, stable and transport accessories, boots for work and travel, and therapeutic products.   


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