Lami-Cell Pro Ice Boots

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Lami-Cell’s Pro Cooling Therapy Boots combines non-toxic Neoprene, with food-grade gel that provides dry, cool and comfortable therapy for your horses’ legs.

The easily detachable Pro Cooling-Gel packs, conform to the horse’s leg, to provide the ideal shape and even distribution of cooling temperature during therapy time.

Most cooling gel packs last on average of 20 minutes, before they start to have a reverse effect and heat up the horses’ tendons and ligaments.

Lami-cell’s Pro Cooling-Gel, keeps your horses’ legs cool for up to 40 minutes, allowing the cooling therapy to penetrate deeper into the horses’ soft tissue.

  • Non-toxic Neoprene cover insulates the Pro Cooling-Gel.
  • Non-toxic food-grade gel remains soft after freezing.
  • Pro Cooling-Gel increases therapy time to around 40 minutes.
  • Soft conforming Pro Cooling-Gel distributes evenly for the best fit to your horses’ leg.

Note : always consult cold therapy with veterinary’s advice.


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