Hydro Cool Compression Boots

Hydro Cool Compression Boots

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Hydro Cool Compression Boots provide a revolution in cooling technology activated by moisture absorption and maintained by exposure to airflow delivered via the 3D ducted mesh material.

Advanced, medical grade fabrics have been used to create a practical solution for leg cooling after strenuous exercise.

The material uses a unique chemistry to achieve rapid water absorption.

The advanced formulation releases energy over time to provide temperatures that are 6 to 12 degrees cooler than ambient temperature.

Designed to provide maximum cooling without restricting movement.

Simply soak in water for 5 to 8 minutes (a maximum of 30 minutes), no need for ice or refrigeration.
Once the boot is saturated the cold water fabric is activated and provides a cold cushioned layer anatomically shaped to your horse's leg.

Compression boots are suitable for all equine disciplines.


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