Cavalor Equicare Lurax Cream

Cavalor Equicare Lurax Cream

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Soothing wound healing, skin ointment.

Cavalor ® Lurax Cream stimulates wound healing, reduces scarring and accelerates hair regrowth – in its natural colour.

Cavalor ® Lurax Cream also has a soothing effect, making it ideal to treat sunburn. VERSATILE AND EFFICIENT – INSPIRED BY NATURE.  Because wound healing is a natural process, Cavalor was inspired by nature for the development of Cavalor ® Lurax Cream. The complete formula was attained by combining complementary ingredients.

Cavalor ® Lurax Cream provides the necessary nutrients essential for regeneration of the skin cells. This ensures less scarring and faster hair regrowth. The cooling and soothing effect of the cream prevent irritation so that the wound can heal quickly.

On top of that, Cavalor ® Lurax Cream’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the chance of infections.

This makes Cavalor ® Lurax Cream the ideal Cream to treat wounds, but can also be used to treat an itch, skin irritation or pain from sunburn.

Size: 200 ml.

Apply daily a layer of Cavalor ® Lurax Cream to clean wounds or irritated skin to guarantee a natural and efficient healing.

Caution: for external use only.


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