Betavet Steady Steed Paste 500g

Betavet Steady Steed Paste 500g

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Scientifically formulated herbal preparation to gently support the  nervous system without impairing the reflexes or causing lethargy. Steady Steed may help the horse to adjust faster to stressful things and therefore create habitually good behaviour long term. 

  • Helps to support a healthy nervous system and relieve nervous tension. 
  • Beneficial for muscle tightness and poor digestion arising from nervous tension. 
  • Helps support healthy adrenal function and the biochemical reactions  of adrenalin – the fight or flight hormones that contribute to highly strung behaviour in big atmospheres. 
  • Beneficial for green or inexperienced horses coping with new or challenging experiences. 
  • For best results use as required during the season or load dose prior to  events

Steady Stead Paste Contents

Each 30g dose contains extracts equivalent to dried:

  • Hops flower - Humulus lupulus 4125mg
  • Chamomile flower - Matricaria 6375mg
  • Californian Poppy - Eschscholtzia californica 5700mg
  • Passionflower - Passiflora incarnata 4500mg
  • Tryptophan 750mg
  • Magnesium chelate 1800mg = 360mg elemental magnesium
  • Peppermint flavour

500gm pouch (approx  17  x 30gm doses) 


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