Thinline Saddle Pads - Quality No Slip Pads & Gear

"Thinline" is a unique, open-cell technology that distributes shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption.

Thinline produce high quality saddle accessories including saddle pads, reins, shims, and half pads.

Thinline is fast becoming a popular choice for horse and rider pads including the superior range of half pads, Flexible Filly muzzles, reins and accessories.

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Thinline Global is a grass roots small business that creates and produces shock absorbing saddle pads and half pads for equine athletes. The initial concept behind Thinline was to create a pad that minimised slippage.

The founder of Thinline discovered the Thinline shock absorbing material by mistake, and as an avid dressage competitor, understood the potential for thinline reduce slippage while improving comfort for all levels or horse riding. The product for horse and rider is available in Australia. You can browse the Thinline saddle pad range available above in our Trailrace Australian store.

Thinline History

Creator Elaine Lockhead Castelao from Thinline Global says:

“As I continued to use the simple sheet of foam I noticed not only how much better the show horse was going but also how much it easier to was to sit the gaits.

More importantly: A retired race horse was in my care and while the horse was rattled daily he was much quieter with the ThinLine. With the affect of these two horses it became a personal mission to ensure every horse owner could know about this amazing saddle pad.” 

Thinline Technology

The Thinline saddle pad technology incorporates open cell technology, that ensures shock absorption, weight and heat laterally through the pad, without the material compressing. The thinline technology also ensures reduced sweating on the back of the horse due to the breathable pads, and also is anti microbial.

Studies have shown that thinline reduces shock to the horse and rider but almost 95%.

Improves Rider Comfort

Not only does Thinline improve the comfort of the horse, but also the comfort of the rider. Many riders have indicated less impact and comfort, especially for those riders that may of found back soreness after riding.

According to the Thinline website, it's the only product of it's type endorsed by spinal surgeons.

Thinline Products

Thinline not only produces saddle and half pads, but also created non slip, anti microbial and shock absorbing girths and boots. Trailrace are an approved distributor of Yhinline products in Australia for horse and rider.

The brand and horse products have been endorsed in Australia and around the world by veterinarians, equine chiropractors, saddles fitters, equine massage therapists and professional equestrians,including professionals all over Australia.

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