Tucci Galileo Field Boot

Tucci Galileo Field Boot

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Dedicated to professional riders - High quality boots.

Tucci Time Galileo, leather field boots, sophisticated stitched toe cap, integrated with performance stretch construction, resulting in a highly functional, comfortable and modern boot. Extra strong zipper with the innovative zip-lock system: innovative design, durability and style made in Italy matched to second-skin feel and impeccable fit.

The Tucci Galileo field boots, modern and sophisticated, laws of motion and principles of mechanics carefully applied, at service of equestrian sports. This pioneering design allows freedom of movement and captivating contemporary style, available with whip holder top or patent borders and crystals.

All Tucci Time leather tall boots models have a rear elastic band along the zipper, highly absorbent and breathable, it ensures maximum comfort and encourages a correct heels-down position.

Furthermore, the elastic, together with the wide size choice, gives the distinctive made-to-measure fit. Certified extra strong zippers, top and bottom protection and the functional snap clip at the zipper closure, it is the safest closing system ever conceived, forget about the need to constantly rezip the boot.

Double stitched seams are applied along the stress lines. Back leather spur rest. The featherweight sole with ridged profile favour a secure, yet comfortable, grip to the stirrup. 

Quality, long lasting Italian riding boots - combined with exclusive comfort and design innovation, providing a interpretation of a traditional equestrian style.

How to find your size :

While standing, measure your calf at the widest point, ensure the tape is firm then with the leg slightly bent, measure the height from the floor to the highest part of the leg, right up in to the crease at the back of the knee.

Add 1 cm - 1.5 cm to the height measurement as the boot will lower after wearing it. 

Find your foot size on the size chart, then the height, then your calf to calculate size.

Please take measurements over breeches (or similar) and socks that you normally wear.



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