Trust Baby Swales Inno Sense Port - Hard

Trust Baby Swales Inno Sense Port - Hard

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The Baby Swales has the effect of a double bridle, but is less complicated. You can ride with 2 reins, one on the normal ring for a soft contact and the other on the lower ring for the effect of the weymouth. The Baby Swales has separate rings for attaching the cheekpieces so that the effect of the rein only affects the lower jaw. The Baby Swales has shorter shank that the Swales and therefore is a softer bit than the Swales.

The Inno Sense Hard Port is made of synthetic material, which is slightly harder than than the Medium Port. The Inno Sense Hard Port is hardly flexible. This mouthpiece has a port that creates space for the tongue and decreases the pressure on the centre of the horse’s tongue. The synthetic material used is FDA approved, which means that the material is non-toxic.

All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. Every day a team of technical professionals works on the production of the TRUST bits. TRUST bits are composed with the greatest care and made of the best materials, the quality control and standard is therefore very high.


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