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Kentucky Solimbra D3O Eventing Light

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The Kentucky Solimbra D3O Eventing Boots contain an exciting high performance material called D3O, which offers outstanding shock absorption and protection on impact – crucial when riding cross-country. D3O is patented technology, which has long been used within protective clothing and footwear, including motorcycling clothing, sportswear and even stunt apparel. Extremely comfortable and offering maximum flexibility, D3O had the ability to lock together on immediate impact to absorb and disperse energy from a strike or blow, then instantly return to its flexible state. D3O has been tested to the highest standards and now this revolutionary material has been included within horse boot design for the very first time.

Extensively trailed by top professional riders prior to their launch, these anatomically designed lightweight boots also feature a laminated ‘Solimbra’ outer, which offers all-weather protection and keeps your boots looking and performing the way they should!Solimbra

And the high-tech features don’t stop there. The eventing boots are also laminated with Solimbra all weather resistant fabric. Solimbra is highly breathable and has been scientifically tested under the 

harshest conditions to be 100 per cent waterproof, UV resistant and oil repellent. This ensures that the boots remain dry and lightweight whatever the weather and ground conditions, and because Solimbra is breathable it allows for the release of heat from those important tendon structures. The Solimbra fabric is also stronger than Ballistic Nylon.

Kentucky Eventing Boots are also anatomically shaped to provide a perfect fit and support of the Tendon and the first eventing boots that protect the fetlock, and feature polyethylene strike guards and a breathable neoprene lining. Super-strong Velcro straps ensure the boots stay in place, while the soft suede binding reduces the risk of rubbing.

With a breathable eva and neoprene lining, these boots continue the ‘Protect And Perform’ theme with a polyethylene guard at the tendon, whilst the suede binding and generous tough Velcro straps with a distinctive Kentucky logo finish the look and performance of these revolutionary eventing boots.

Thanks to the use of all the high quality materials the boots have an extremely long lifetime and still look new after years of multiple heavy uses on the cross country.

Since their launch in Europe, USA and Australia, sales of the boots have continued to grow rapidly - proving to be a popular choice amongst both top professional riders and serious amateurs, again giving further confidence to British riders on their performance and credibility, so when it comes to protection on the move, these boots happily leap into the 21st Century!


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