***Sprenger - Quality That Performs***

Sprenger products are produced in Germany with high quality materials, and are renowned for their excellence and consistency of performance all over the world.

The Sprenger seal of quality represents a commitment to excellence that ensures the confidence to acquire a reliable and long-lasting product based on environmentally conscious manufacturing.

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KK Sprenger Bits

We offer a range of Sprenger products. The brand has fast become a "go to" bit for performance equestrian in all disciplines.  The range of Sprenger KK snaffle includes the ultra loose ring snaffle.  These snaffle bits have been designed and manufactured using scientific research the schieve a unique and precise effect through the special 45 degree angle of the middle link. A high quality horse bit for multiple disciplines.   

Sprenger Sensogan

The Sensogan range has a reduced copper content, where oxidation is still maintained, the addition of manganese results in a smoother and regulated process of oxidation. The manganese content on the bits can also play a part in a more relaxed and healthier horse.   

Sprenger Spurs

We also stock a range of Sprenger spurs items including the popular Ultra Fit range. The range includes rounded rowels, bronze, black series, comfort roller, plated and rounded ball style. We also stock a range of spur straps by the same brand.   

Sprenger History

The brand was established in 1872 by Herm. Sprenger. Initially they were only producing spurs for the armed forces. Bits were added to the range in later years. Spurs were initially the most important part of a mounted soldiers kits.

Over 200 years, the brand has evolved into one of the most well known bit manufacturers in the world, with World and Olympic Champions in dressage, showjumping and eventing choosing Sprenger as their "go to" bit. Based on scientific research and horsemanship, the brand has trademarked two metals that are designed to be used as a bit in the horses mouth, Sensogan and Aurigan.

Sensogan is essentially Aurigan 2.0, as it evolved over time to be a combination of copper and manganese. Both improve taste and regulate the oxidation process when doing dressage or any other discipline.

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