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Italian clothing with exquisite designs directing the passion in equestrian riders for luxurious comfort and functionality.
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The Brand

When your think of equestrian fashion style, there are a number of brands that simply stand out from the crowd, and are synonymous with style, quality, and value. Brand such as Cavalleria Toscana, Kask, Tucci and Mattes.

Vestrum is no doubt in this league, and has fast become one of the premier equestrian fashion brands in the world. Founded in Italy, the brand designs and manufactures a range of clothing and apparel. Head designer Fabio Calamai has over 30 years experience working with famous retailers such as Fred Perry, Murphy & Nye, Ferre and more.

As stated on their website:

"Vestrum equestrian clothing and accessories comes from the union of the passion for the equestrian world of the designer and thirty-year fashion designer career."


With a stunning clothing range the catalog includes shirts, bags, jackets, vests, casual wear and belts and more.