Rod McQueen

Suburb/State: Kulnura, NSW

Discipline(s): Show Jumping

Started riding: at 11yo

No or Horses owned and/or ridden: Have owned one horse for the last 10 years, however have ridden many client’s horses.

I currently own a 3yr old by Higgins who has been broken in and will start to do more in 2018.

Most memorable riding moment?

Winning FEI 2* silver final at Showcase of Showjumping

What would be your daily routine?

Wake, eat, ride, exercise, eat, sleep! Care for up to 25 horses at any time including all daily routines, riding and training horses of all different levels on a daily basis and coaching of younger riding students along with ongoing property maintenance.

What would you say to inspire any young or old riders?

Set goals and work hard.

What type of services do you provide?

Coaching horses in training, sales and sourcing of performance horses.

Goals for 2017:

Develop coaching skills and achieve consistent results.

Why Trailrace?

Great friendly staff and good quality products!

Which product or products do you like most at Trailrace?

Tucci, Manfredi, Charles Owen & Trust!