Amanda Shoobridge – Trailrace

Amanda Shoobridge

Discipline: Dressage

State / Suburb: Central Coast NSW
Started Riding: Age 11
No or Horses owned and/or ridden: Many owned and ridden.
Current competition horses: Revelwood Destiny (FEI), Revelwood Florentine (Medium), Noble Dancer (Advanced), Diva Toscana (5yo & Novice) & Movie Star (5yo)

Most memorable riding moment?

Winning Australian Dressage Champion of Champions Pony two years in a row with Noble Dancer

What would be your daily routine?

Up at 5.30. Have a cup of tea whilst checking emails, feeding 3 cats, 3 dogs, 3 fish & bird.  Feed top stables at 6am, put horses out, feed chickens, wet feeds. Come inside to wake up 7yo daughter Annabel and prepare her for school. Feed up remainder of horses (up to 120) and 2 guinea pigs at 7.20am. Come inside for a quick breakfast and answer messages.

In breeding season first stallions are collected at 8am (or earlier if I need to ship same day) then I start scanning mares in yards. Clients arrive with mares from 9am to lunchtime. Mares from back paddocks are brought in for scans. Once mares are scanned I start riding.

Usually 4 horses ridden each day. Recipient mares (herd of up to 30) are scanned after lunch and then I flush embryos, and collect semen from stallions and breed mares.

Pick up Annabel from bus stop at 4pm. Come inside and answer emails and phone calls and then help Annabel ride and do homework. Afternoon scans start at 5pm and any mares for frozen semen inseminations are programmed at 6pm.

Then I come inside, feed & wash myself and the child then off to bed, ready to wake up early and start all over again!

What would you say to inspire any young or old riders? Be committed. If you have a strong desire to be a rider you need hard work, persistence and determination. Be kind to your horse and work with them- it's important to form a partnership based on trust.

What type of services do you provide? Reproductive veterinary services, importation of frozen semen, breeder of international quality warmbloods and dressage ponies, washing, cooking and cleaning (don’t like to iron)

Goals for 2017: To compete my horses at State & CDI events with success

Why Trailrace? So many reasons….. but put simply because Trailrace is the BEST!!

Which product or products do you like most at Trailrace?

I absolutely love my EQUIPE saddles. I ride Florentine and Destiny in a 17” Viktoria, Movie Star in a 16” Viktoria, Noble and Toscana in a 16” Emporio.

Also my TUCCI boots. My “Gina” work boots are comfortable and hard wearing and you cant go past my black patent shiny long boots at a competition!

SAMSHIELD helmets make safety helmets look like a fashion accessory! So many great designs and super cooling air flow. A far cry from the egg head helmets we used to wear!

The MATTES saddlecloths are super stylish and I think everyone knows I love Top Tac brushing boots!




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